Winter, we love it! We spend our days skiing and snowboarding and our nights dreaming about it. Park and Pow, we love them both. Once again, we will be registered for the International Freeride Ski and Snowboard Association. So, if you have what it takes, strap up and throw down your best run!

Reno, Nevada

We live and attend college in a skier or snowboarders dream. With Lake Tahoe just a short drive away, we have plenty of activities available to keep even the most outdoorsy of us more than content. If you have big plans you came to the right place.

Where Do We Ski

For the Upcoming 2017/2018 season we will be requiring a Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows season pass. You may purchase any of the available season passes, but we recommend the college pass for the best value.


No ski or snowboard experience required, and we have plenty of riders that are more than willing to give advice and help on anything needed. All of the riders on Nevada Freeride have varying skill sets, in varying disciplines. If you need help you can find it. All we ask is dedication! Experience is required for competitions though, as there are limited spaces available in events.